Katie Link

Hello everyone, my name is Katie Link.  I live out in western ND with my husband, son, & daughter.  I spent the last 5 years working with a high-quality nutrition supplement company. 

During my time with this company I was introduced to Todd Miller and Stephanie Mull at the “Miller Method”.  My husband and I spent a few years learning from Todd and Stephanie and we began to practice what they were teaching.  We had tremendous results and were quickly convinced that what they had to offer was sustainable over a lifetime.  We did have one problem however; we could not find a place to get our testing done that was within driving distance of our home.  With my daughter starting school and me looking to get back into the workforce I saw an opportunity to offer “Miller Method” services in our area.  I thought to myself that this is something that should be available to everyone.  I acquired the necessary testing equipment, I am a member of the NSCA, and I am a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer candidate.

We are happy to be helping people now all over North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, & Montana.